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Plan and Pricing

Web Designing
starts from 9999




5 Business Email Addresses

Mobile Optimized

Local SEO

Payment Gateway Integrations

Logistics Integration

SSL Secured

Debug Guarantee

Note - Renewal charges ₹3500/year for Domain and Hosting

starts from  4999

Developing Your Brand Identity

Connecting Your Brand to Your Mission and Goals

Building Trust with Your Story and Actions

Supporting Your Identity and Story with Strategies and Tactics

Telling the Story of Why Your Company Exists

Tactics and Strategies for Supporting Your Products

Supporting Your Brand Story with Specific Initiatives

Focusing on How Your Audience Feels About Your Company

Ad Campaigns
starts from 9999

Setting Up Your Ad Accounts

High Brand Value Keyword Research within Budget

Crafting Stunning Ad Creatives

Creating Engaging Brand Videos

Reviewing and Tweaking Creatives for High Performance

Keyword-Based Ad Copywriting

Sharing Leads and Monitoring Performance

Optimising Ad Copy for Best Results

Fixing Errors - Improving Ad Account Quality

Building Brand Engagement

Note - Management fee only - AD campaign spend based on client budget

Ad Campaigns
Social Media Management
Influencer Marketing
E-Commerce Management
starts from  24999

In-depth Website Audit

Keyword-rich Product Details

Speedy Product Pages

Optimized Images

Integrated Sales Channels

Local SEO

Error Management

Cross-linking Products

URL Management

Content Submissions

Alt Image and Meta Descriptions

Sitemap Submission

Domain & Hosting

Brand Sales Funnel Strategy

Unique Content

Amazon and Other Marketplaces

Logo Design

Logistics and Payment Integration

Customer Loyalty Features

Blog and Email Marketing Setup

Royalty Free and Licensed Resources

Owner Dashboard Access

Gamified Landing Page

FAQ and Policies Setup

Sales Channel and Marketing Integration

Note - Renewal charges ₹5000/year for Domain and Hosting

Social Media Management
starts from  14999

Creatives That Match Your Brand Style

Using Targeted Keywords