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Does Your Business Need a Marketing Agency or an Inhouse Team?

The way businesses market themselves has certainly shifted in recent years, as digital media continues to be the central focus for many marketing efforts. With this shift, the dilemma of whether to hire an outside agency or build an in-house team for marketing activities has become increasingly common. In this article, we will compare hiring a digital marketing agency such as Tread on Media or having an in-house team to manage your business's marketing.

What is a Marketing Agency?

Tread on Media is a digital marketing agency that offers websites, social media, and advertisement services to businesses of all sizes. We specialize in web development for businesses so they can showcase their brand and products online with an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface. Our team also provides top-notch social media marketing strategies to help companies increase their visibility while engaging with customers on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many more. Lastly, we offer advertisement services to boost your business’s visibility by placing ads in the right places; whether it be television commercials or sponsored posts.

We understand that it’s not easy for businesses to keep up with the ever-changing world of digital marketing, and our experienced team is here to guide you through the process.

Advantages of Hiring an Agency

Bringing website development, social media marketing, and advertisement services under one roof is the major advantage of working with a digital marketing agency such as Tread on Media. A dedicated team of experts can provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your business’s needs without dedicating your own resources towards driving success online. This allows you to focus more on other areas such as product innovation and customer service without having to worry about creating content or managing campaigns.

Disadvantages of Hiring an Agency

There are also some potential drawbacks that business owners should be aware of before they make their decision.

The first disadvantage of hiring an agency is the cost. Professional services can be expensive and when faced with multiple agencies offering similar packages, it can often prove difficult to determine which one offers the best value for money. Additionally, if a business chooses to switch agencies mid-contract or terminate it early, then fees may have to be paid as a consequence.

Another downside of working with an external provider is the lack of control over how digital campaigns are handled.

Advantages of an Inhouse Team

An in-house team provides numerous advantages for businesses who are looking to increase their online presence. First, an internal team will be familiar with the company’s mission and vision as well as its target audience which can lead to more effective content strategies. Additionally, having an experienced website developer within your business will ensure that your website meets all industry standards while running optimally at all times. Furthermore, when it comes to advertising campaigns, a dedicated internal team can monitor performance metrics and make changes accordingly in order to capture more leads or customers more efficiently than if outsourced.

Disadvantages of an Inhouse Team

The first disadvantage of having an in-house team is the cost associated with it. Hiring full-time or part-time members for your own digital marketing team can become very expensive over time as you will have to pay their salaries and benefits regularly while they are employed by you.

Not only must employers pay wages but there can be additional costs related to training employees, providing benefits such as healthcare and paying taxes on those benefits. For small businesses, without large budgets, these costs can be difficult to manage.

In addition to financial concerns, hiring an inhouse team often means that organizations must also dedicate resources towards managing them which can take away from other areas within the business.

Comparison: Agency vs Inhouse Digital Marketing Team



  • Inhouse has a detailed knowledge of the company

  • Inhouse have direct control over their marketing campaigns

  • Inhouse usually work on predefined company goals

  • Easier for an inhouse team to maintain the tone of the company


  • Inhouse teams have a narrowed-down approach and they follow the footsteps

  • There is a lack of commitment on the part of the internal team to schedule tasks on time

  • The cost of wages, resources, technological advancements, upgrades, and tools, adds up to spending for individuals as well as companies



  • The agency has good exposure to a variety of companies

  • Using multi-talents to reach out to clients

  • For breakthrough campaigns, agencies take the risk and go into experimental mode

  • Keeping up with new developments in the industry is a priority for the agency

  • It is important for agencies to schedule tasks early and tweak them in order to achieve maximum results

  • Project deliverables and work commitments are the responsibility of the agency


  • If you switch agencies in between, you may forfeit the total project cost, according to the contract terms.

  • A marketing agency typically has more control over the campaign to reduce costs or ensure quality.


When it comes to website development, social media marketing, and advertisement, choosing between an inhouse team and a hiring agency can be a difficult decision. An inhouse team may seem like the more cost-effective option for businesses; however, there are some clear disadvantages that should not be overlooked as technology and trends evolve rapidly in this field, keeping abreast of these changes can prove a daunting task for any organization or individual.

Hiring an agency is often a better solution due to their knowledge base which extends far wider than any single inhouse employee could provide. Agencies have access to a variety of personnel with different areas of expertise who will be able to offer much more creative solutions within tight deadlines.

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